So in working with volunteers, I feel is the best policy to upfront with them as to what you expect from them.   It puts both you and them on the same page and if you should ever need to de-volunteer them you have predefined the reasons for releasing them from their commitment. 

I have put a version of my volunteer contract below.  Of course I usually modify it for the organization that I am working with but the basics remain the same.  Note that I don't have abilities in the list of issues since I have found that most of the issues that have caused me to release a volunteer have more to do with other areas.

Volunteer Contract

We believe that you have a place to get involved in serving.  That place may or may not be where you think it is and part of the process of getting involved in an area is to determine if this is where you “fit”.    Not fitting in one area is not a negative to you in any way.  It just means that there is another place for you to get at this time.  Your fit may change in the future as your path moves forward. 

Due to this process, it is understood that situations may arise that may cause your volunteerism in this area to come to an end, either through your choice or not.   The continuing acceptance into this area will be determined by your ability to fit into this department and to maintain the qualities of a valuable volunteer.  

Those qualities are as follows:

1.  Faithful
     Being Cheerful – having a good attitude
     Being Teachable – willing to take instruction
     Being Flexible -  able to follow the changes as they happen
     Being Timely -  showing up when required
     Being Honorable – maintaining quality in words and deeds.

2.  Communicable
     Being Communicative - for when issues arise (going to be late, etc)
     Being Contactable – having good email and phone habits

I, the undersigned, have read and understood the above and agree to abide by the policies of this organization.

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