more. . .

People seem to always think that more is better. It can be true but if in attempting more, you can't pull it off successfully, then more is worse. The interesting thing is that when more is worse, then the people planning the more and the performers doing the more are never responsible for the failure of the more but the tech crew always is. This is one reason a divide tends to exist between the tech crew and the stage.

Less done successfully is always better than more done unsuccessfully. When a person leaves an experience, whether a restaurant, live event, or movie, the talk isn't about all of the things that were good, but the one or two things that weren't.

More also requires organization and clarity in communication. More needs participants with greater skill/ability.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against more, just that people understand that more requires more. People must count the cost before attempting more to make sure that the more is successful.

Sometimes a little more can be just as impressive as a lot more, especially when done successfully.

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