now is the time for the volunteer

Sometime in the last year, I read an article stating that current generation entering into the workplace are looking for more than a job. They want a job or an employer that has a purpose, whether helping through humanitarian aid or doing good things for mankind through their product/service.

One of my daughters recently got married. The groom and his entourage all wore this particular brand of shoe in lieu of the traditional dress shoe. When I asked about it, I figured that I would hear about this being something in style or popular (which they are). Instead, I was told about how this company gives away a set of shoes for every one that they sell.

So this generation should be potentially the greatest volunteer workforce ever seen. It is how the people seeking volunteers present their motivation that will determine their success. I don't think that this generation will respond to the old, "we need your help" routine, rather the approach of telling how they are going to affect their world around them through their actions in assisting this cause.

I only hope that the ones seeking volunteers will catch on before the opportunity is lost.

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